Para-medical Cosmetic Tattoo

Some of the most common procedures are eyeliner, eyebrows, and lip liner. Permanent makeup is not just for vanity. Another popular procedure is a "para-medical" one—nipple areola restoration. During the procedure, the skin can be re-toned to match the surrounding area more closely. Medical tattoo is the implantation of pigment within the skin in a safe and sterile environment by our highly skilled paramedical certified personnel. This type of non-surgical cosmetic tattoo solution provides a finishing touch to surgical procedures, injuries, camouflaging scars and burns, and nipple restoration after undergoing a mastectomy. This also helps surgery patients and trauma survivors feel whole again while recovering from operations or injuries. The result is natural-looking.


3D Areola & Nipples Tattoo restoration

Regardless of the method you chooses, nipple and areola tattoo restoration can help a breast cancer patient feel whole and comfortable with your new breasts. For those who’ve faced breast cancer, nipple reconstruction is the final step in nipple restoration.

The 3D effect of areola pigmentation is a popular choice, whether or not you first opt for surgical reconstruction. Advanced tattoo techniques involve details shadowing, highlighting, feathering, and contouring. Color selection and blending is vital for a natural looking result.    

The amount of discomfort from this type of tattooing depends on your pain threshold, and the procedure area(s). Several topical anesthetic and desensitizing products are used to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

Before having your procedure, you will have a consultation with our technician and review your medical history.


restorative brows treatments (Microblading and ombre shading)

When it comes to the face, once a person had chemotherapy, her/his eyebrows will not regrow as they were and the lashes typically thin out. We works on a number of cancer patients, along with individuals who suffer from scar injuries, trichotillomania, vitiligo and devotes a lot of time working with breast cancer survivors on 3-D areola nipple tattooing post-reconstruction surgery.

The saying in our beauty profession is: Breasts and brows! They go together. The patients/clients will undoubtedly ask us if they can fill in their brows with microblading or other options of brows tattooing. We learn advanced permanent makeup so we can continue this wonderfully fulfilling aesthetic relationship with our clients. With our specialist medical tattoo skills, we’re able to positively change the lives of others. Our goals are to be able to help people undergo remarkable transformations and helping to restore their looks and their confidence.

3D Areola & 3D Nipples Restoration $800 (include Free 6 weeks touch-up)

Areola pigmentation is designed for those who have had a mastectomy and reconstruction to create areolas & nipples

3D Areola & 3D Nipples Repigmentation $700 (include Free 6 weeks touch-up)

Areola pigmentation to refresh and enhance the color and shape of previously tattooed areola & nipples

3D Areola & 3D Nipples Aesthetic Pigmentation $600

Pigmentation for those wanting to enhance the areola size, shape or colour for aesthetic purpose.

Cleft Lips Camouflage $600

Scars Camoflauge PMU $85 per area  

Vitiligo (white spots) Camoflauge $250

Scalp Micropigmentation (Offering Soon)